Phenomena Short Film Festival

The inaugural Phenomena Short Film Festival is happening on the night of March 31 at The Orchards Niseko! 

It is FREE to enter and the event is designed to showcase the creativity of the winter community in Niseko and to bring people together for some fun towards the end of the season.

The theme of the films needs to be “Nature, Space and the Unknown” which is purposefully pretty broad and the films need some story or structure to it. Importantly, all submissions must include some iteration of these three elements: 

  • A map
  • A mountain
  • A Vehicle

 We will have a panel of judges and some great prizes from local businesses which we will tell you more about in the coming weeks.

So start going through that GoPro footage that no one ever looks at, get the phone or the professional camera out and come up with a short film. 

All genres accepted: 

  • Animation
  • Music video
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Sci-fi

Criteria for films

  • Must adhere to theme (or be supported by explanation as to how the theme applies)
  • Must have a storyline / structure
  • Films must be between 1.5 - 8 minutes
  • Submissions in MP4 format.
  • All genres accepted: ie animation, music video, comedy, documentary, sci-fi
  • Doesn’t have to be about snow or Niseko.
  • No illegal activity

Submissions Due March 15, 2018.







1. 「自然」「宇宙」「super natural がテーマの作品で下記の3つが含まれているもの

 1) 地図

 2) 山

 3) 車

2. ジャンル



3. 尺

1,5 - 8分以内

4. フォーマット

 MP4 format.



FREE to Enter! | Details of Screening to come


The Orchards Niseko

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7:00 pm